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Get your health, your weight,

and your life ON TARGET!

Get your health, your weight,
and your life ON TARGET!

About Us

The OT-90 Story

A few years ago, leadership coaching clients from our sister company, On Target Leading, lost close to 2000 pounds. After many requests, we formalized the program and founded On Target 90 (OT-90). Since its beginning, OT-90 has helped many people achieve the wellness level they desire and increased their quality of life. OT-90 was never meant to create beach bodies or muscle bound bodybuilders. OT-90 is designed to help people live! Once OT-90 clients succeed at reaching their weight goal, then they may choose to go further and use their new health in more extreme ways, i.e. body build, run races, bike long distances, etc.

Helping people live means reaching their weight and body fat goals. When we live with lower body fat and ideal body weight, we can expect to extend our lives. In addition to extending our lives, OT-90 practitioners can expect to have more fun in life because, when we are healthy, life has more to offer. There are no guarantees to living a long life but OT-90 provides a way to do your part in taking care of your “temple”, a great step to long life!

The On Target-90 Program is designed so that anyone can succeed at reaching their weight loss goal. Simple, Safe, and Sustainable describes the program best.

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About the Founder

On Target-90 founder, Bruce Bright is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marine Corps., and a Certified Leadership Coach. Under OT-90’s parent company, On Target Leading, Bruce coaches executives and entrepreneurs across the country in all areas of their personal and professional lives. One common challenge that he finds with his clients is that many struggle with their weight and overall health. In a quest to help solve this challenge for his clients, Bruce created the OT-90 plan.

To develop the ideal formula, Bruce spent over 3 years studying different weight loss plans and supplements and becoming an expert in total cellular health. The result is the OT-90 Program for unlocking your body’s potential.

Bruce has perfected the OT-90 Program and, along with participating in the program himself, he has been using it to help his coaching clients for the last two years. One company in particular was struggling to lose weight at every level of their organization and, by following this plan, they have now lost 1000’s of pounds as a unit.

Now Bruce wants to make his program available to everyone.